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Do you need a reliable private detective agency in Miami? You don’t need to look any further! Our highly trained team of private investigators offers a variety of investigative services. Our detectives can help you with any investigation, whether it’s surveillance, background checks, or infidelity investigations. We are unique in our ability to meet the needs of all of our customers. We have bilingual investigators who can communicate effectively in both English and Spanish. Ensures accurate and fluid communication throughout the investigation process.

Allianz Investigations has a reputation for professionalism, discretion, and dedication to the client. Our private investigators are highly trained and use the latest technology to collect evidence and uncover the truth. We will handle your case strictly and confidentially and give you all the necessary information. Our Miami private investigators are available to assist you with your personal or corporate investigation and legal assistance. Call us today for a free, confidential consultation and let us find the answers you need.


We understand your case is extremely sensitive and confidential, which is why we make sure that your data is safe and secure.

  • Important Case Details
  • Client communication
  • Videos, Photos, Etc.
  • All Case Documents
  • Easy to manage dashboard
  • Access to case data
  • Geolocation based activity
  • Mobile time & distance tracking of P.I.’s
  • Time and expense tracking

You Can Entrust Us

We provide our clients with the indisputable evidence you need. 

Which is confidential, timely, and cost-effective.


Our main goal is to ensure the results we deliver are aligned with our client’s exact requirements.


It’s imperative to refer to reliable information when coming to that next big decision, and word-of-mouth is often the only resource employers have. Precise Investigation’s commercial due diligence and corporate investigation solutions are designed to separate fact from fiction.  Let us help with your corporate investigations while you focus on the business. 


Allianz Investigations detectives have provided commercial surveillance services to organizations across the country for over forty years. In that time, the agency has continuously improved on service delivery and investigation procedures. This allows us to provide our commercial clients with a seamless, discreet, and cost-effective means to manage more serious workplace issues.


Employment screening and background checks are available through Precise Investigation, affording businesses of all sizes the opportunity to streamline recruitment. Mitigate risk and ensure the smooth running of your day-to-day operations by speaking to one of our private investigators today.  Our social media reports contain a lot of data that helps employers make the best hiring decisions possible.


Catch a cheater, uncover child abuse, stop identity theft, expose domestic violence, and much more with our government-licensed private investigators. With over 40 years of experience as one of the leading private investigation agencies, we’ll go about gathering indisputable evidence to assist with your personal issues or court-related matters.


Have us run a background check for you today and rest easy knowing that you’ll get to the bottom of your concerns. Whether you’re hiring a babysitter for the first time or you’re looking for your next CFO, a background check can help you make informed decisions based of facts instead of emotions. We provide full background checks, social media reports, and more.    


If you think someone might be interested in tracking your location, your conversations, or what you do when you’re alone, then it’s time for a professional bug sweep. Any mobile phone that’s been left behind could pose a threat, as well as countless tracking devices sold online. Our private investigators offer professional technical surveillance countermeasures.  


Internet and Computer Forensic Investigations are designed to locate, extract and analyze data on both private and commercial networks. That information is gathered and compiled into a comprehensive report which our clients can put forward as E-discovery evidence in court, should it be required. Licensed with Cellebrite, Magnet Forensics, and more.


We provide process serving services.  Most times a person doesn’t want to receive important information, whether it be legal, personal, or commercial, it can be incredibly frustrating to wait around until you know they’ve received, read, and understood the information. Our team is here to help deliver your documents to the right person at the right time.


Our clients an unrivaled approach to debt collection, resolution, and recovery through our experience in the field we’re sure to help locate your target, ascertain the most effective means of recovery and proceed with a fast, efficient and reliable debt collection service.  We have the tools, experience, and backgrounds you need.


Using our infidelity service, we provide live surveillance to gather enough evidence to help you determine if your partner is cheating or not. Our team of experts is equipped to monitor their locations, texts, calls, and much more. With our cutting-edge technology and extensive experience, we ensure that you have all the necessary information to make an informed decision. Get in touch with us today and let us assist you in uncovering the truth. Our phone monitoring solutions are designed to give you peace of mind and clarity in this sensitive situation. Trust in our professionalism and expertise to provide you with the answers you seek.



Every case or situation is unique.  In order to understand the best game plan for your situation requires us to fully understand what is going on, what evidence you have, what outcome you are seeking, and many more factors.  Please schedule a call with one of our licensed private investigators in Miami FL. 

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